When in doubt, tell the truth - Mark Twain

“When in doubt, tell the truth.” – Mark Twain

Thank you for coming back to part 2 of my series on certain incontrovertible truth. Last week I talked about how my time in the Marine Corps taught me the truth of “Know. Do. Be.” Today let’s speak about purpose and how it affects you and your business…or how you might go about looking to get into a new career.

The Power of Purpose

Hit the target, on purpose!

When I am recruiting and sourcing for key roles in any organization, it is most certainly important to understand what the organization expects a candidate to know on day one. I don’t suppose I would expect to have ever seen my second client if I provided an accountant who couldn’t do basic math. It is also important to know what a candidate is expected to do at work. Executive candidates who are expecting a desk job would think poorly of me if they were handed a mop and a bucket on day one. But I will go to my grave believing that the key ingredient to a successful match is understanding the purpose of the role and what one is expected to be. 

Purpose is a powerful attribute and it unlocks the best of our human potential. When one fully understands who they are expected to be in an organization’s culture, I’ve found that success often comes naturally. No one has to tell the shark what to do or what they should know when they are dropped into a tank full of fish. When an executive is told that they are expected to be the agent of change, they begin to see the world in those terms. When an accounting manager is told they are expected to be the safeguard from fraud in an organization, they begin to view each transaction and each process with a keen eye for risk.

I can personally testify that combat comes with many ambiguities and uncertainties. Plans fall apart quickly and intelligence changes, but when they hear the first snap and crack of a bullet pass overhead, Marines have zero questions as to exactly who they are to be in that moment. With a heavy prejudice towards action, Marines know what to do and they execute it because they understand their purpose. Your organization can obtain the same level of dedication and no one even needs to be shot at to get there. I call that a win. 

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