Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light. - George Washington

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” – George Washington

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve put down in words some thoughts about the nature of incontrovertible truth and how it applies to the mission of Connecting File. If you missed those articles, please give them a look when you have a chance. [Part 1] [Part 2]

The Truth will Lead Us to Purpose

Keeping you on target...on purpose

Coming full circle, that is why the unvarnished truth is so important in every conversation I have with clients or candidates. You can feign certain knowledge and you can perform tasks with unprecedented mediocrity, but you can’t fake purpose for long. I have no more interest in fooling an organization that a candidate is the right match for them than I do fooling a candidate that they will find purpose with this particular client. So the questions I ask and the personal narratives I seek to understand are with this purpose in mind. 

I’m confident in my approach because I’ve seen it work. If I’m being completely honest and vulnerable, when I’ve deviated from this course for any number of reasons I’ve almost always come to regret it. However, much more painful to me is that the organization and the candidates regret it as well. Marines are not perfect, but because we operate in an environment where success and failure is often measured in terms of life or death, we dedicate ourselves to becoming ferociously fast learners. 

A truthful and candid exchange of knowledge, purpose, and intent will lead us to the right candidate and client match. If all you are looking for is a basic set of knowledge in a candidate, then you can spend your hours combing through on your own. If you are an organization that understands the value of organizational culture and you believe in the power of purpose, then I’ll lead the way. If you are a candidate who understands your time in the workforce on planet earth is a limited commodity and you prefer not to spend a decade of it wallowing in mediocrity, then I’ll light the path for you. 

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