This is the final installment of a 3-part series in which I am sharing some thoughts about how the recruiting process is going to change going forward. Part 1 talked about taking advantage of the sea of prime talent that is now available. In part 2, I talked about the rapid pace that business will need to maintain in adapting to what promises to be a new kind of normal.

Someone Will Win the Transition

The truth of the matter is that some organizations will thrive in the new normal and others will falter. There are those who are working diligently to adapt to a new market and those that are waiting. Personally, my money is on those who are seizing the initiative right now. General James Mattis said that it is all good and well to declare a battle over, but the enemy gets a say in the matter. Friends, I know you want to dominate the new normal, but your competition gets a say. Do not let them get the first or the last word.

Business is a battlefield and this is a reality that you know all too well. Talent is your best weapon and if wielded well, it will win the day for you. We have to reimagine the recruiting process in the post COVID-19 era. Simple things such as who knows how to close a sale via Zoom and who can’t be trusted to get anything done in a work environment that includes the home. Who can handle ambiguity and who understands the need to take proper safety precautions at work when poor hygiene can be deadly. These are all questions that many employers are considering right now.  Those who are not and those who believe the old normal will return and the good old days will be back are in for a rude awakening. Some will win this transition and some will lose. It is my sincere hope that you emerge stronger than ever before and most importantly, victorious.

A Little Help from the Marines

The Marine Corps gifted me much over 27 years of service, but if it did nothing other than grant me the ability to quickly navigate ambiguous circumstances with little information, then it will have served me well. When you return to work in the new normal, your plate will be full and times will be uncertain. If I might be so bold as to suggest you reach out to a talent acquisition service to handle the recruiting. Don’t wait until you return to work to do so as the industry disrupting talent is out there right now looking for you. You’ll have plenty to do and I’m happy to handle the talent in your stead. If you think that I can be of assistance to you during these remarkable times, please reach out to me at or (423) 863-3577. Or follow me on social media at @connectingfile. The future may indeed be uncertain, but all I see is possibility and opportunity. Let’s seize the initiative together.