Last week I shared a few thoughts about what our current condition looks like and how it’s going to be for your organization to find its way through to the other side. If you missed it, now’s a good chance to get caught up.

Personnel Designed to Thrive in Seasons of Change

If Heraclitus is right and change is inevitable, then it is right to presume that the years ahead will witness change at a rapid pace. We already knew that we are the precipice of a new “industrial revolution” with the emergence and refinement of artificial intelligence. Now, the emergence of COVID-19 has pushed upon us a shift in how the American workforce operates. The recent incidents of civil unrest let us know that emotional versatility and cultural sensitivity will be more valuable than ever. I’m still not quite sure what to do with the murder hornets and somewhere lost in the chaos of this year was the fact that our government acknowledge the existence of UFOs. I really thought that last one would have been a bigger deal.

Taking on the challenges ahead definitely call for the right person in the right role, there is a third element to making the right connection: they need to be rightly suited for the times. Listen, there are very talented individuals in the labor market right now who can perform very well. However, if they are too loose and too insensitive with their tweets, then you are in for a public relations nightmare. The times ahead require discernment. In the same light, if an executive with a stellar resume indicates an unwillingness to adapt from the only corporate world they have ever known, you may be heading for troubled waters.

Even in my beloved Marine Corps, we are watching the Corps disband large armor units that rumbled through the sands during the Global Wars on Terror. Why? Well, because the new fight is in the Indo-Pacific region where speed, mobility, and smaller unit flexibility is needed. We have to adapt to the times and challenges ahead or we will lose to them. Recruiting the right personnel for the right moment in history is just as important. I’ll say it again, meaningful connections include the right person, in the right role, and rightly suited for the times ahead.

Take the Next Step Forward for your Organization

This is the point where I want to invite you to take the next step. It can start with a simple call or even an email, but I want to invite you to make a personal connection with me. I’m actually aware of excellent individuals who are indeed built for the times ahead and they are simply looking for the right role. There is no use in getting two of the elements right if you are not going to get all three. Change is upon us and making the right connection is what matters most. In that regard, I’m here to help.

Much like the Generals of wars long past, there is much on your plate and a great deal for which you are responsible. I’ll do the connecting so that you can do the leading. It’s not a glamorous or public role that I fulfill, but one that I take deadly seriously. After all, you don’t see a great deal of books written about Connecting Files, but General Ulysses S. Grant didn’t show up at the Battle of Appomattox Court House with no other units for a reason. Somewhere behind the scenes, there was a Connecting File making the right connections along the way and victory was the result. That is my sincere hope for you today.

Reach out to me at…and let’s connect.