Audacity, Audacity, Always Audacity

That subheading on audacity is another quote from General Patton, though it actually originates from the great Napoleon Bonaparte. I’m going to submit to your right now that it is absolutely audacious that any organization would expect you to remain employed for them while they trickle out a 3% to 4% raise each year. Life comes at you faster than 3% a year and I think you know that all too well by now.

It is an outdated arrangement that has you as a highly skilled individual looking like the poor orphan Oliver Twist as you scurry up to management and say, “Please sir, may I have more.” It is an audacious act by any organization that places you in that scenario begging for more porridge and the only appropriate answer is to respond with audacity of your own.

In fact, there are ample studies to suggest that remaining employed by the same organization in today’s job market can cost you as much as 50% in earnings over your lifetime. Employees with the audacity to leave their current organization are often rewarded more than those who stay. It is an awakening of the professional mind, body, and spirit to realize this discernible truth. Remain with the same company long enough and you’ll see that promotion you always wanted handed over to the external candidate who had the audacity to leave his or her old company and come take it. Which leads me to my next point.

Business is a Battlefield and Job Hunting is Combat

When you step out and begin the job search, you are no longer competing with your fellow dormant employee brethren pursuing a 3% raise. Rather, you will be going toe to toe with stellar candidates who have also come to realize the “gold watch” retirement is no longer relevant.  They are ready to match your audacity if you let them. This brings us to another quote from Patton that you would do well to embrace on the job search…

“Do your damnedest in an ostentatious manner all the time.”

You are not going to land the job of your dreams by casually scanning the job boards and sending in the same resume and cover letter for every opportunity. You must have a current resume ready to be tailored to the specific position that you are seeking. You must research the company, its market, and its competitors before you walk in the door for that first interview.

A general rule of thumb in combat is to give your adversary more problems than they can solve at any given moment. Chances are, you’ll never meet your competition for any job. However, you still need to give them more problems than they can answer with your preparedness and ostentatious manner. Remember who you are competing against and expect no mercy from your enemies and no help from your friends. I’ll say it again: Always Improve Your Position. If you’re ready to be audacious and step out into the battlefield for your dream job, email me at Next week let’s look at one more quote from General Patton and examine how attaining the “dream job” is more art than science.